We are delighted to introduce our newly announced blockchain and cryptocurrency services! Our team, along with the assistance of our trusted partners and associates, is able to attend to the needs of individuals, corporations and start-ups engaged in the cryptocurrency & blockchain environment and community. Given the nature of crypto transactions, as well as the peculiarity of the blockchain ecosystem, the risk of missteps or even dissipation of assets is even more acute as it is often complicated.

Our team can also provide support as a consultant for clients in overcoming regulatory complexities, as well as in choosing the most suitable jurisdiction to harbour their operations.

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Digital asset and Crypto assets disputes

Disputes over cryptocurrency are on the rise; In contrast to the usual expectations and issues arising in relation to the resolution of disputes, there are particular considerations that arise more critically in crypto-related disputes.

Our affiliate law firm, E&G Economides LLC, is ready to assist with your digital asset & crypto recovery disputes; you may have a look at the range of legal services by clicking here.

Purchase your real-estate property in Cyprus via crypto assets

Being now able to facilitate real-estate transactions via crypto assets and with the assistance of our trusted partners, we can act as liquidity providers, crypto asset exchange, and qualified custodian with a third party and crime insurance.

We are able to assist with the facilitation of secure crypto and property transfer transactions between parties, by holding the crypto assets in escrow and disbursing them reliably according to the terms of the agreement and convert crypto assets to euros via over-the-counter (OTC) trading.

For further assistance and information, please do not hesitate get in touch with your usual contact person.